Via PayPal eller med ditt betalkort. 

Via a paypal account or with your credit card.


Leverans inom Sverige kostar 53 kronor.
Vi skickar iväg beställningar 1 dag i veckan. Ibland kan det ta 1-3 dagar längre, eller fortare. 

Delivery within the EU is 7,34 Euro.
Delivery time may vary depending on where you live. We ship all orders once a week. Special announcement in changed delivery time may occur. 

Orders with an invalid address that is sent back to us will be re-sent, and there will be an additional shipping charge for the customer. 

Customers under 18 must obtain parental permission before placing an order. All false orders and all attempted frauds is reported to the police. 

Personal information is used only for sending the goods and handled confidentially without the involvement of a third part.


All prices include VAT at 25% for European customers. Outside of EU there is no Vat Fee.